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"Mile High" vs "Milky Way" Mike Colin : An Epic Saga for 2022 or something...

For more than 30 years, Mike Colin has written, recorded, and released original music. In bands and as a solo artist, Mike has "D.i.Y. or die" 
through the rise, fall, and re-rise of Vinyl, Cassette, CD, and, of course, the overall switch to the streaming business. 

While still a high school student at Denver North, Mike made his first solo recordings at D.A. Oldis' dowtown Denver studio in 1988 and Fast Track studio in 1989. 
The Time Capsule Studio era of the 90's was a wild and productive time with recordings by Phantasmorgasmm, Cactus Marco, The Acoustifuxx, The Family of Noise, and
Loudmouth5280, which icluded legendary musicians Kenny Ortiz (Flobots), Dave Martinez (Chaos Theory), Johnny Katt Ellington (Legendary Katthouse Pickers), 
Robert Tiernan, TJ Edwards, Tom Sublett, Kevin Smith and Producer/Engineers including Kirby Orrick, Brendan Lavery, Jim Jackson and Geoff Workman.

The 2000's and 2010's saw Mike play bass in live hip-hop collective Ratiocination, drums in The Eclectix and make several singles and E.P.'s as a 
solo artist, and as his alter-ego "Zhitkur Roswell" as well as part of his son's project, Millennial Axiom.

In 2021, "Mike Colin" released his final solo album, "52 Daze," with beats produced by grammy nominated Wyshmaster (Tech Nine).

In 2022, the metamorphosis continues...

Mile High Mike Colin releases are all Hip Hop/Rap. The initial 11 song spree has beats produced by Anno Domini Nation, Legion Beats, and Big Shot Beats, and
features by Chuck D (Public Enemy), Bronze Nazareth (Wu Tang Clan), KRS-One (yes, THAT KRS-One), Lil Flip, Yukmouth, and Rittz. Mike has a long history with
rap and hip hop, having incorporated both into his music since the beginning and even winning Westword Magazine's best rapper in 1992. Mike started a live
hip hop group in 1993 that would later become D-Town Brown and Phantasmorgasm was always a rap-rock behemoth. "I like to rap and play guitar. I love
the collaborative aspect of working with Beat makers and other MC's. I'm actually having fun."

Milky Way Mike Colin releases are all instrumental and Mike's hope for these are twofold: "I would like for singers, MC's, DJ's, and lead instrumentalists 
to feel free to use these for their needs. I would also like film makers to have easier access to this work and use it for their needs." 

Millennial Axiom is in the studio and working on an album of all original material by Jovian Aster, who is also releasing a podcast soon.

Zhitkur Roswell Recordings Digital Releases can be found on all major platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, YouTube, Tidal, Deezer, and Shazam.

New Zhitkur Roswell Recordings physical products, which include T-shirts and Vinyl, Cassette, and CD releases by Mike Colin are available direct only from